EHB - Eric Harding on Guitar and Vocals, Kirk Harding on the Drums and Robert Nunes on Bass

We recorded our first Album just like a live show, by playing a 15 Song Set without playing any song more than once for that 'Live' feel.  Nothing was replaced by overdubs like a lot of studio records.  We released the first 12 songs on the Album with the other three to be released at a later date.  All Songs were recorded in one day and are all Original EHB Songs. EHB are three musicians with a lot of experience, who don't tell each other what or how to play.  We play a song like a Jam session, kinda like an adventure every time.  Eric, Kirk and Bob each contributes their own parts that truly make for an Original sound.

After releasing a few Singles, 'Hurt', 'Gone Forever' and 'If You Love Me' EHB released a new Album 'EHB Rock MD' for 2020 and are currently  recording another EHB Album 

All EHB songs can be found on the major music outlets, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. But can also be purchased right here on our Band site